People of Alberta, you are of great value to your heavenly Father! While world economies rise and fall, and there is much to be concerned about from an economic point of view, we pray that your identity will be found in relationship to God the Father, and that all anxiousness about material things will fade away as you find rest in the love and provision of the Savior.
— A Prayer for Alberta based on Matthew 6:25-34

Alberta is home to over 4 million Canadians and is the only province to have two cities with over 1 million in population.  Joining confederation in 1905, Alberta has been a key contributor to the Canadian economy.  Understanding the Alberta mindset requires a knowledge of the “boom and bust” reality of the oil patch.

The past 24 months have been volatile months for the province as oil prices reached record lows, and have been slow to rebound.  1,000’s of jobs have been lost and many are looking to other parts of Canada for better opportunities.  Meanwhile, the Lord is giving great favor to church planters as they reach out to people with the hopeful message of the Gospel.

The planters listed below come from seven different denominations, but share a common vision to see the name of Jesus made famous throughout the province.







  • Rob & Karen Chartrand — Crosspoint Church

  • Shane & Nikki Fox — City Chapel

  • Chris & Marlene Haggith — The Neighborhood Alliance Church

  • Kyle & Lauren Harnett — Capstone Church

  • Trevor & Lesley Rysavy — Urban Grace Church