Assessment Centre


The key to successful church planting is identifying the right person, called of God, with the right gifts, the right heart, in the right place and at the right time. The assessment process helps to identify and affirm those potential leaders that the church needs today.


Three Key Beliefs

We pray every day at 10:02am that the Lord of the harvest would send workers into His fields to become fruitful laborers (Luke 10:2).

The key to church planting is discerning a true call from God. God calls the right person with the right gifts, the right passion and motivation, to serve in the right place at the right time (Acts 17:17; 20:28). 

A discernment process and a formal assessment can help to identify and affirm those potential leaders that the Holy Spirit calls for this unique mission (Acts 13:1-4).



Upcoming Assessments

June 25 - 27, 2019
— Seattle, WA

Sept 24 - 26, 2019
— Calgary, AB

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How will Assessment Help You?

One of the greatest responsibilities of any church planting organization—denomination or network—is the careful and prayerful evaluation of potential church planters. The motivation for assessment is three-fold. 

  1. For the glory of God. God is glorified with the multiplication of His bride, the church. We strongly desire church planters who are much more interested in the glory of God than their own glory.

  2. For the multiplication of disciples. The goal of church planting is not just to add churches but also to multiply disciples. We look for church planters who are passionately committed to model disciple making and to equip others to make disciples.

  3. For the health of the church planter and the church planter’s family. The assessment is not just to determine if they can plant a church but if it is the best thing for them and their family at this time.

Church planting is difficult for the most qualified pastors and nearly impossible for those not suited to plant. If church planting pastors do not have the essential tools for the job, they will frustrate themselves and everyone around them. Every vocation requires a set of fundamental skills necessary to accomplish the task with excellence. 

An assessment will help the potential planter to discern if they have the required gifts and skills to embark on this specific mission.


What are the Steps Required?

  1. Contact C2C collective about your desire.
  2. Have an initial conversation with a C2C member.
  3. Complete initial screening evaluations.
  1. Have an interview with spouse and planter.
  2. Complete an in-depth 360 survey.
  3. Spouse and planter attend an assessment center.

What is an Assessment Center?

The C2C Assessment Center is a spiritual exercise with the church planting couple, the assessors, and the Holy Spirit. In Acts 13, after prayer and fasting, the Church at Antioch set aside Barnabas and Paul for the work the Holy Spirit was calling them to. In the same manner, we want to discern together and then affirm what the Spirit is directing present-day church planters to do and be. The assessors observe, review the testing data, listen to answers, and participate in multiple behavioral interviews. The assessors prayerfully and thoughtfully reach a unified consensus about each candidate.

It is an opportunity for you to receive feedback in the following areas:

Spiritual Domain

  • Integrity

  • Personal Spirituality

Visional Domain

  • Missional Engagement

  • Visioning Capacity

Relational Domain

  • Emotional Health

  • Family Life

Teaching-Learning Domain

  • Gospel Communication

  • Learning Agility

Executive Domain

  • Expectancy of Results

  • Managerial Courage

What Benefits Can You Expect From an Assessment?

Persons considering church planting will receive:

  • An accurate assessment of your ability to plant a church

  • Accurate feedback on ministry and church planting strengths and weaknesses

  • A basis for training and supervision for those that are church planting

  • The experienced team of assessors will affirm the planting couple for church planting