People of BC, We can see that in every way you are very spiritual; you love creation and the super-natural beauty that surrounds you daily, yet we long that you might know the God who made the world and everything in it, and experience the life that is ours through His Son Jesus Christ!
— A Prayer for British Columbia based on Acts 17

British Columbia joined confederation in 1871, just four years after the historic British North American Act of 1867.  Canada’s western-most province is home to over 4.6 million residents and is known predominantly for its stunning natural beauty; in fact, the phrase “Beautiful B.C.” has graced BC license plates for years.

Sometimes called the “California of Canada,” BC has more in common with Washington & Oregon than some parts of Canada east and west; it is known for being socially and politically liberal.  This region (also known as Cascadia) boasts the highest number of those who claim “no religion” on the census, (38%) yet people continue to describe themselves as “spiritual.”

God is calling church planters into the harvest here in BC.  As you pray for this region, join us in asking the Lord for a great out-pouring of His Spirit, for open-doors in new communities, and for renewal of established congregations.







  • Bob & Vida Cui — Surrey Grace Mandarin Church

  • Glenn & Janice Davies — The Rock Church

  • Brett & Natalie Donald — City Lights Church

  • Laurence & Sarah East — Metro Community Church

  • Jonathan & Carla Evans — Boundless Vancouver

  • Lee & Ilona Francois — Crossridge Church

  • Norm & Nicole Funk — Westside Church

  • Matt & Dawn Glezos — Tri-City Church

  • Bill & Carrie Hamilton — Fraser Point Church

  • Joe & Heather Haynes — Beacon Church

  • Brett & Alison Landry — Christ City Church

  • Kris & Susie Martens — Reality Church

  • Scott & Lynea McDowell — Lighthouse Church

  • Lance & Aimee Odegard — Artisan Church

  • Mike & Jana Roth — Real Life Community Church

  • Alastair & Julia Sterne — St Peter’s Fireside

  • Chris & Kellee Synesael — West Village Church (West Shore)