Coaches have demonstrated that they are invaluable to church planters and church-planting systems.


Coaching is regularly engaging a planter in an intentional gospel conversation with focused discussions about a planter’s personal, spiritual, relational, and missional life.

Size is a common indicator used to evaluate the health of a new church. Though size is not a complete measure of health, achieving a critical mass is essential for survivability. According to Ed Stetzer, church planters with coaches lead churches that are 12 percent larger during the first year, 13 percent during the second year, 16 percent during the third year, and 25 percent during the fourth year.

One of the C2C certified Gospel Coaches commits to walk alongside each of the planters in a shepherding posture to help them journey toward their objectives, goals, and ministry health. Our C2C coaches help planters to develop a personalized Gospel Life Plan and commit to three areas of a planter’s development:

  1. Spiritual development

  2. Strategy development

  3. Leadership development

C2C also provides opportunities for peer coaching — increasing survivability by 135%, according to research.


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Gospel Coach
Shepherding Leaders to Glorify God

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Gospel Coach Workbook
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