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Adam & Suzanne Greeley

The Well Church
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Sundays @ 10:15am
134 Pinecrest Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

On their drive across Canada enroute to Regent College, Adam and Suzanne began dreaming about what church might look like if every Christian considered themselves to be a missionary and where they gathered to worship to be their “mission field”. Rather than driving to a foreign neighbourhood for a particular worship ‘experience’, Suzanne and Adam began to prayerfully consider a question that was once put to them “if your church left it’s neighbourhood would anyone notice? Would they even care?” From that point forward, Adam and Suzanne began praying into the possibility of planting a church that would take seriously making disciples of all peoples – those in our neighbourhoods, places of work, and recreation.

This dream was realized in 2011 when The Lord provided the opportunity for the Greeley’s to buy a house in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Following the Lord’s lead, they moved to Dartmouth with a vision to plant a “parish model church” in their neighborhood. After spending intentional time investing in their neighbourhood, the Greeley’s, with a number of other couples, began gathering weekly for worship in their house called ‘The Well’. Since it’s first meeting in November 2012, The Well has continued to grow in number, and favour in it’s community. Consequently, they have been welcomed by unchurched residents and community leaders to host their worship gatherings at a community centre located in the heart of the neighbourhood.

Adam and Suzanne have been married for seven years with three children – Jacob, Charis and Katie. As a family, they have a passion to see a discipleship movement happen in HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality). They believe that the Gospel is meant to go ‘viral’ – transforming and renewing people, neighbourhoods, cities, provinces, countries and the world!