Ask me the Lord says…ask me for the nations! Great nations have lived in your land for 100’s of years, and “new” nations are arriving daily… these are the people God desires to have and to know as His own. May King Jesus rule and reign of love and grace be extended in every community and every people group in this province!
— A Prayer for Manitoba based on Psalm 2:8

Manitoba was an early adopter of the dream called “Canada,” joining confederation in 1870; thereby expanding Canada’s western boundaries into the fertile plains.  License plates declare the province to be “Friendly Manitoba” and those who live here celebrate opening their hearts and homes to new friends.

Farming and farm-community-life have been at the heart of Manitoba’s economy & social structures for generations.  Over 1.2 Million people make their homes here with 60% living in the largest city; Winnipeg.  Winnipeg is receiving record numbers of immigrants from around the world, boasts one of the largest Filipino populations in Canada and is also home to the highest number of status First Nations people and Métis Canadians of any other city in the country making up just over 10% of the city’s population.







  • Habtemicael & Senait Beraki — Philadelphia Eritrean Church

  • Dave & Nicole Ens — One88

  • Luc & Hoa Tran — Winnipeg Chinese Church (Mandarin)