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Jon & Vikki Ruby

Union City Church
Ottawa, Ontario

Sundays at 9:00am (Espresso & Breakfast) & 10:00am (Service)
160 Fifth Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario

Rev. Jon and Vikki Ruby began dating in high school; a tumultuous relationship, marred by mistrust and addiction, despite the biblical foundation their Christian parents had provided for them.

After many years of rebellion and chaos, 2005 marked the beginning of a miraculous journey into recovery and restoration.

Once he fully surrendered his life to Christ, Jon was an eager disciple who pursued mentors and teachers to speak into his life. Jon was called to Jericho Road Christian Ministries in 2006 where he was invited to develop and facilitate ‘The Discipleship House’, a Christ-centered, long term, residential addiction treatment program. 

God began calling them to reach a broader community with the message of Christ’s redemption that freed them and in September 2013 they embarked on a church planting mission. June 26, 2016 marked the church's first public meeting.

Union City Church hosts monthly community events called Ashes to Rubies inviting local artists to perform and people to share their stories of hope.

The church has also started a social enterprise (Carlington Booch) to provide hope & purpose to those in recovery from addictions.

Rev. Jon Ruby was ordained January 2016 under Open Bible Faith Fellowship.