Josh & Brianne Shaw

Lighthouse Church - Denver
Lakewood, Colorado

Sundays @ 9:00am & 10:45am
8210 W 10th Avenue
Lakewood, Colorado

Josh and Brianne are the pastoral leaders of Lighthouse Church. Josh is a home grown Coloradan. He is a graduate of Tabor College where he received a B.A. in Biblical Studies/Theology and Psychology; he also holds a M.Div from Denver Seminary.

Josh became a believer in Christ at the age of 18. For him, before he met Jesus Christ, Christianity was something that didn’t bear any weight on his life. He didn’t understand the purpose of a God or a religious belief system. But it was through the mentoring relationship of an older gentleman that invested in Josh’s life, that opened his eyes to the beauty and wonder of Christianity and Jesus. It took many years for Josh to be completely sold out for the message of the gospel, but through the incredible forgiving power of Jesus Christ and the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit, Josh has faithfully sought God’s Kingdom and God’s will for his life.

Josh is the author of a book – Spirit-Filled Truth. He wrote this book to be used for discipleship material for Lighthouse Church and to aid people who are new believers in Christ.

Josh and Brianne have two boys, Asher and Ezekiel. They live in Lakewood, CO. They have a great passion to invest in people who are hungry for God and His Kingdom.