Multiply 2018 USA | Eli Loera

Multiply 2018 USA

Eli Loera


Eli Loera is the Senior Pastor of Christian Temple Assembly of God. Eli and Anny have been married for 26 years and have pastored Christian Temple for 18 years. They have three kids aged 16, 18, and 20 years. Pastor Eli and Anny are graduates of Northwest University. Eli graduated from seminary at MBBS in 2003. 

Their church in South East Fresno is an area known as Chemical City. It is filled with a large concentration of gang members where drugs are openly traded. Prostitution is practiced in the open and the church has personally been affected by human trafficking. The area has the highest percentage of both parents being incarcerated and highest number of kids being placed in foster care. It also has the most registered sex offenders in the Fresno area. South East Fresno is known for churches coming and going never to return.

Eli was a US Special Operations Command Commander (USSOCOM). He is a bilingual leader who is not unfamiliar with or intimidated by dangerous areas. Christian Temple is the largest church in the toughest part of the city.

Eli will bring a perspective of ministry that can only be honed on the tough streets of South East Fresno, where he and Anny live, work, minister, and raise their family.