Gospel Fluency Workshop.png

September 28, 2019 from 9am - 4pm
Horizon Bible College, Saskatoon, SK

What you can expect from the day

9:00-10:15 - The Gospel's Power & Purpose

Many Christians know the word "gospel" but see it only as a past reality that greatly benefits our future. This session considers the present implications of the gospel on our everyday lives.

10:15-10:30 - Break

10:30-11:45 - The Gospel in Me 

Building on the first session, we'll consider how we each disbelieve some aspects of the gospel, and how this disbelief can misguide our Christian life. We'll practice reframing our life around a right view of the gospel.

11:45-12:45 - Lunch

12:45-2:00 - The Gospel in Community 

The apostle Paul tells us that the only way to grow into maturing with others is "speaking the truth in love." This session considers how we can do that, with much grace, in the context of Christian community.

2:00-2:15 - Break

2:15-3:30 - The Gospel in the World

The gospel is not just good news for us or for Christians; it is the very hope of the world! In this session, we will seek to know how we can share the gospel in winsome ways, in an unbelieving world around us.

3:30-4:00 - Wrap up / Q&A


Speaker : Ben Connelly

US Director, C2C Collective

After 19 years on pastoral teams, Ben now gets to serve disciple-makers, planters, and churches/organizations who have a desire for sending. He has written/contributed to several books and publications, has taught university classes and led church-planting for Soma North America, and serves as an elder in The City Church, which he planted in 2009. Ben lives in Fort Worth, TX with Jessica and their three kids.

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$30 per person