Lord, we see the incredible potential for national and global impact if the province of Ontario were to be permeated by the Gospel of Jesus. Yet, the path to greatness in your kingdom is always a path of humility. We pray for a sober awareness of the stewardship that has been entrusted to this great province. The enemy will resist your church, so Father, restore, confirm, strengthen and establish your people! Revive your church, Lord!
— A Prayer for Ontario based on 1 Peter 5:7-11

Ontario was one of the original four provinces to form confederation in 1867. While the northern and western borders of the province took a while to sort out, the Ontario we know today is Canada’s second largest geographically and by far the largest based on population. More than 13.7 million residents live in Ontario, making it home to more than 1 in 3 Canadians.

Ontario is also home to Canada’s largest individual city, as well as the largest metropolitan census area. The City of Toronto passed Chicago as North America’s 3rd largest city, and the GTHA (Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area) recently topped 7 million making it home to nearly 20% of Canadians. Indeed, to see the transformation of Toronto, would be to see the transformation of Canada!

While Ontario remains an economic powerhouse in Canada, the spiritual need is massive. Church planting organizations, denominations, and local churches have struggled to gain momentum in establishing new gospel communities. As you pray for Ontario, would you join us in asking for a fresh release of God’s Spirit over this region. The planters below will testify to both great spiritual opportunities, as well as many cultural obstacles to the gospel. Pray for encouragement, vision, and tenacity in the Gospel!







  • Linda & Albert Chung — Trinity Grace Church

  • Darryl & Charlene Dash — Liberty Grace Church

  • Ben & Jen Joliffe — Resurrection Church

  • Matt & Andrea Naismith — Church of the City

  • Jacob & Sri Nuh — House for All Nations

  • Jon & Claudia Osmond — Free Church

  • Derek & Tiffany Parenteau — Rugged Tree

  • Nigel & Jessie Paul — Malkutha

  • Jeff & Ruth Scott — West Village Church

  • Chris & Staci Yu — MercyCity Church

  • The Jesus Network