Lord, we hear whispers of revival and rumors of new open doors for the Gospel message in Québec and we pray with our brothers and sisters in Québec, that You would fan into flame the small sparks we see today! May You bring to completion this great work that You have begun, and may we see in our life-time, the transformation of this great province!
— A Prayer for Québec based on Philippians 1:6

Québec (New France then Lower Canada) was part of four provinces to form the original confederation of Canada in 1867. The rich history of the unique people-group known as “Québecers” has led some to call them a “nation within the nation” and indeed there are incredible opportunities and challenges in this part of Canada.

8.3 million people live in this province and over 50% live in Montréal & its surrounding communities.  Montréal is the second largest Francophone city in the world, but is also home to over 600,000 Anglophones. Québec has one major spiritual distinctive in that less than 1% of its population attend evangelical churches. Religious sociologists have named it the “least reached region in all of the Americas.”

However, God is doing a new work in Québec! In recent years, a new spiritual hunger is being expressed by young adults whose parents walked away from the church during the “Quiet Revolution.” 100’s of baptisms have been recorded in churches where eager seekers have found “new life” in the age old message of the Gospel.

Believing that we are on the front edge of what may be a modern-day revival movement, we continue to covet your prayers for the workers represented below, and for 100’s of more that will be needed in the coming days! 







  • Dwight & Jessica Bernier — Church 21 Montreal

  • David & Franca Manafo — The Westside Gathering

  • Chris & Yanci McGregor — City Church

  • David & Patricia Miller — L’Intersection

  • David & André-elle Mirck — Église La Chapelle Mile End

  • Brad & Emily Morrice — Église du Plateau Mont-Royal

  • Marc & Marie-Hélène Pilon — Église 21 Magog

  • David & Karine Pothier — Église La Chapelle Rosemont

  • Carlos & Petrona Saavedra — Embajadores Cristianos

  • Michael & Angelica Touchton — Jubilee Montréal