Ultimately, the call and development of a church planter is the work of the Spirit. However, we follow ten best practices to nurture a healthy church plant with a healthy church planter. We often cluster them with the acrostic ACTS.


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+ Assessment


Jesus said, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.” The effectual, fervent prayer of a body of people is what is necessary to transform America. We are asking everyone to set their alarms for 10:02am to pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send workers (Luke 10:2).

Discernment Process

C2C helps planters to discern their calling and vision to plant a church. We walk with them, as a shepherd, to help them make one of the most important decisions of their lives.


C2C collective provides a formal Assessment Center with many seasoned leaders to measure a candidate’s capacity according to our Ten Dimensions of a Church Planter.

+ Coaching

Gospel Coaching

Every church planter receives a gospel coach to meet with the planter monthly to shepherd and equip in personal, spiritual, and missional aspects of their lives.

Covenant Agreement

C2C enters into a covenant with the church planter, the sending church, and the denominational partners to facilitate the planting of a healthy church by healthy partners.

+ Training


C2C planters enter into an apprenticeship prior to launching their new church. This on ramping allows the planter the time necessary to prepare properly and to develop a core group.


C2C holds a high value on the authority, inerrancy, and proclamation of the Scriptures in a bold manner. We train our planters to become effective gospel communicators.


C2C equips local leaders through a learning community of fellow planters in Incubator, a 16-module church planting school. We sponsor a National Conference, MULTIPLY, to embolden leaders for planting, replanting, and multi-site expansion. We have regional events like Ascent Basecamp to recruit and encourage church multiplication.

+ Support

Financial Support

C2C seeks to ensure that every new ministry has a good financial base and good financial systems.

Task Force

C2C works with the planter to establish a temporary external leadership team to give oversight, accountability and support to the planter and church.