Multiply 2018 Canada | Paul Winter

Multiply 2018 Canada

Paul Winter


Serving God and His Church has been one of the great privileges of his life. Paul Winter has been a Follower of Jesus for 21 years, and is blessed to be married to Jodi, have three children (Taylor, Darian, and Liam) and one grandson (JJ).

Paul Winter is the National Indigenous Ambassador for C2C network, as well as pastor at Living Word Temple and Turtle Island Community Church (both located in Winnipeg’s North End Winnipeg and largely First Nations). There they learn about the love of Jesus and meet people where they are at in their journey with God. It’s important to be culturally informed and sensitive to the needs of First Nations church members. The relationships formed there reach beyond the north end community. First Nations people come to know Jesus and want to share His love to those in their home communities.